Steering Committee Report

The Student Government Steering Committee presented the report they have been working on for the past two months. The report aims to get SG voting members onto the RIT Board of Trustees. The report cites three examples of student representation on a Board of Trustees in a university: Hofstra, the California State University (CSU) system and Cornell. Hofstra has two student delegates that get to sit in when the Board of Trustees meet, however they do not get votes. CSU has one voting member and one non-voting member who does not get votes their first year on the board of trustees — the state of California decides who the trustees are. Cornell has two student members on the board of trustees who can vote. SG talked about promoting the Board of Trustees on campus, as many people on campus do not know it exists or what it does, and students do not have any contact with it. The report recommends that the RIT bylaws be amended to say that two trustees will be appointed by RIT SG to represent the RIT student body.

Other SG Committee Updates

The Academics Committee is currently working on issues such as equal career fair representation for all majors, open course evaluations, alternative textbook options and power strips in the library. The Student Affairs Committee is working on a report to summarize the reorganization of the Student Health Center, RIT weather closures and a redesign of the RIT ID. The Steering Committee, besides the Board of Trustees report, is working on including SG information in the popcorn that is given out, a redesign of the office and an art showcase within the office. The Housing Committee is working on creating a report to make more transparency in RIT’s housing vision and plan, a laundry renovation plan, allowing pets in RIT housing and gender inclusive dorms.