CMO Presentation

John Trierweiler, RIT’s current Chief Marketing Officer, stood before the senate to discuss RIT’s marketing themes and objectives.

RIT’s Marketing Division is a relatively new establishment, having only gained traction in the past two years. The department serves as a link between each of the colleges and the various divisions that are a part of RIT such as Academic Affairs and Diversity and Inclusion. 

"As I look at the divisions, I look to find gaps in those particular divisions," said Trierweiler, explaining his current focus of finding the communication discrepancies between each of the divisions.

Currently, the Marketing Division believes that RIT is in a strong position as a higher education institution. Trierweiler's work focuses on harnessing those strengths to achieve the university’s goals. However, Trierweiler acknowledges that the university appears “siloed” and isolated. He hopes to bridge these gaps in the future.

Diploma Update

Andrea Shaver, current president of SG, gave a status update on the petition that requested a redesign of RIT’s diplomas. The petition called for a more centered diploma that was similar to other schools. The design and overall look of RIT diplomas has drastically changed since the early 1940s.

The current diploma design involves a left-aligned, almost resume-based design with "DiBella," a font made by two members of the RIT community.

The committee who worked on the petition proposed a number of solutions to the provost, including the continuation of the gold stripe on both graduate and undergraduate degrees, increasing the size of PhD diplomas while also accommodating extra long names and programs.

RHA Mid-Semester Review

Marc Billow, president of the Residence Halls Association, outlined a series of goals for the RHA.

The first goal involved providing feminine hygiene products in female and gender-neutral bathrooms. So far, RHA believes the program to be a success, but is paying close attention to how it can further meet the needs of students.

“We’re looking to improve this in the future,” Billow said.

Their second goal is to get RHA more involved with petitions. This falls in line with their third goal, which is to increase collaboration between MSOs. Billow hopes that by working with these organizations, they can better meet the needs of students on campus.