Tony Mendoza, Student Government (SG) Academics and Co-Ops Committee chair, presented an update to Senate regarding the proposed course withdrawal policy. While admitting the initial pitch to SG was poor and somewhat abrasive, the work behind it is helpful. Most students will continue to be able to add/drop classes as normal, but should any student wish to add/drop enough credits to alter their student enrollment status, they will first need the approval of some higher individual in either their program department or financial aid department (the specifics of which still being determined). Mendoza reminded Senate that this policy is still a work in progress, and they are in the process of taking in student feedback.

Following Mendoza, a student-led project came before Senate. Titled “The Lounge,” the team is in the process of creating an app for students at RIT. Similar to Craigslist, students would be able to submit job postings to be fulfilled by other RIT students — anything, they said, from tutoring to doing laundry. The system is secure, using RIT’s own login encryption. The Lounge team reached out to SG for both guidance and support going forward, recognizing both their expertise with the RIT student body, as well as their marketing potential.

Spin Bikes have officially launched on campus, with 100 bikes and many rides clocked in within the first week. RIT is currently in talks with Spin Bikes to further expand the service, and to further convenience the payment and repair processes of these bikes.The system is currently a pilot, with the Spin pricing taking effect after the first week being free. After the six-month pilot, SG will be negotiating Spin's price and looking for ways to subsidize the cost to students.

RIT Vegan Club became an SG-approved club.

Further review of SG Club Recognition requirements was brought up, but subsequently tabled until next meeting.

An updated PawPrints website will be released in November, with a release party on Nov. 8, from 10 a.m.–2 p.m. Stop by the SG Office to learn more about PawPrints, SG Committees, and other ways to get involved.

Senate closed with recognition for SG Representatives of the Month. The RSO of the Month was Taryn Brennan for OUTspoken. Committee Chair of the Month went to Bryan Gascon for Facilities, Parking and Transportation Committee, and Senator of the Month went to Women’s Senator Katia Hudspeth.