At the October 4 Student Government (SG) meeting, the student government body had another visit from Jeremy Haefner and J. Fernando Naveda about the Plus/Minus Grading system and a presentation from Tristan Wright, director of student relations, proposing his “Soap Co-op” program.

Plus/Minus Grading Follow Up

Haefner and Naveda came to further explain and express the benefits of the grading system that will be implemented next fall semester. Haefner talked about the extensive research and study that has gone into the decision since the 2008-2009 academic year. The main questions asked by the senate were; “What will the impact be on current grade point averages,” and “how will this affect students if they have financial aid responsibilities.” Campus-wide talks are being organized and Haefner and Naveda are looking to SG for advice on how to convey the issue better to the student body.

Soap Co-op

SG’s own Wright presented the idea of bringing a buyer’s cooperative program to campus. The idea is to give students the opportunity to buy items at reduced costs. The cooperative would do this by buying the items in bulk through other companies (currently xpedx and Rochester Midland Corporation). This will help reduce waste by reusing containers and will also promote the use of eco-friendly products. Student’s will pay a fixed amount each year (currently $25) to receive a set of cleaning products such as detergent pods, hand soap, dish soap and all-purpose cleaner. Students will then be eligible for a refill at certain locations on campus. Next week SG will vote to provide the program funds for promotion, help out with infrastructure and help with getting the pilot program set up. If vote is successful, the program hopes to get 500-1000 students to sign-up.