During this week’s Student Government (SG) meeting, bylaw revisions were reviewed, final assignment of committees was made and the results of the SG elections were given.

Bylaw Revisions

SG’s steering committee gave a presentation of the revisions it had made to SG’s bylaws. Many of the changes covered some terminology that was deemed outdated or irrelevant with the current government protocols.

Some of the main changes included a discussion on which characteristics made a student eligible for the Freshman Senator position. The possibilities of adding both a multidisciplinary senator and transfer student senator were also debated.

Resolution to Support Federal Perkins Loan Program

After Verna Hazen, associate vice president and director of Financial Aid, came to SG to talk about the possibility of the Perkins Loan program being discontinued, SG has drafted a resolution asking Congress to reconsider its application. The Perkins Loan program will expire in the 2016-2017 academic year. This means many students could lose part of their financial aid that is crucial for their decision to stay at college.

Due to a small typo at the bottom of the letter, the resolution was tabled until next week.

SG Election Results

After the April 16 elections, the results for senators and cabinet members have come in. The president and vice president for the 2015-2016 academic year are Nick Giordano and Andrea Shaver, respectively.

Giordano, former director of Student Relations, and Shaver, former CIAS Senator, are both very popular within SG and on campus. They will relieve Ashley Carrington and Tyler Pierce at the conclusion of this academic year.

Giordano and Shaver were elected without opposition, as were many other senators this year. The positions of women's senator, NTID senator and CHST senator will remain unfilled at the start of next year.