Thisie P. Schisler, an International Studies major, is running for the position of COLA Senator. She has two main goals which she hopes to achieve during her term. “One of my biggest goals right now and one of the things I find that many people from liberal arts complain about is the career fairs. There never seems to be anything there for liberal arts students,” Schisler said. “RIT does an excellent job with business, science, and engineering but there is never anything for International Studies majors. I don’t want to have to go to [Washington] DC or New York [City] to try and speak to a prospective employee. [RIT] did have one Government Career Fair but not everyone from liberal arts wants to work for the government.” Her second goal focuses on spreading sustainable initiatives on campus. “Another goal that I have is to spread the role of biodegradable packaging throughout campus as well as products like fair trade coffee which they have at Java’s. I think that helping people in other parts of the world and spreading this message through RIT is important.”

Before running for Senator, Schisler has worked with two clubs, Model United Nations and the International Studies Club, which she founded. In regard to global aid initiatives she commented, “That’s one of the main reasons why I wanted to start the International Studies Club so we could do projects like that.” She commented more in depth about the club, stating “Yesterday at the meeting students brought up that they would like to have more languages offered on campus and I would like to try and improve this...We can certainly do better.” Schisler hopes to work with the current COLA Senator Stephanie Lenhardt. “We’re going to talk about how things work and what I want to accomplish and if she wants me to continue anything she has been working on.”

Schisler commented on her hopes for next year stating, “I’m a very big people person and I’ve always been willing to take on a big leadership role...I feel like SG is a very big role and a very important role. I’ve never done anything as important as that because I will be representing the whole student body.”