Henrietta will be hosting elections for its Town Supervisor on November 4 and 5. RIT students are encouraged to register to vote, even if they live permanantely out of state. If you are interested in registering for this election, be prepared to travel into the city. The mailing registration period for November’s general election ended on October 11. However, voters can still get the chance to register in person at the Board of Elections, located at 39 W. Main Street, Rochester. The Board of Elections is open Monday through Friday, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Registration officially ends on October 25. Only honorably discharged individuals from the military and recent citizens can get an extension.

The candidates for the election is Democrat Michael B. Yudelson and Republican Jack Moore. Yudelson is the current town supervisor of Henrietta. Elected Town Supervisor November 6, 2007, Yudelson has held this position for nearly seven years. Yudelson, once a Republican, chose to switch to the Democratic Party after the recent government shutdown and will be running on the Conservative and Independent ticket.

Moore has been a Republican Town Councilman for nearly six years, working closely with Yudelson. Owner of the Gro-Moore Farms business, Moore’s campaign is focused on balancing the county taxes using the $18 million reserve. He also hopes to set up a rental registry requiring landlords to register and have their properties inspected yearly.

To beat the crowd, visit www.monroecounty.gov to download and print a copy of the New York State Voter Registration form. Once the form is filled out, deliver it to the Board of Elections for processing. After several days the Board of Elections should send you a letter confirming your registration. At this site you can also update your registration information if you are already registered, and determine whether you qualify for this year’s election. Ballot elections will begin on November 4 and end on November 5 at the Board of Elections building.