SUV Attempts to Crash into NSA Headquarters Gate

On March 30, an SUV occupied by two men tried to ram into the gate of Fort Meade, MD.

The two men, dressed as women, reportedly stole the vehicle after being picked up and taken to a hotel. The men had a gun and cocaine on their persons.

After approaching the gate of the compound, the drivers were given strict instructions on how to enter the facility. After they disobeyed those instructions, road barriers were deployed to prevent the SUV from breaching the area. The assailants approached a police vehicle near the gate as officers opened fire upon the SUV.

When the car hit the police vehicle, an National Security Agency (NSA) officer was injured and the driver of the SUV was killed.

So far, the FBI, working in conjunction with the NSA, has ruled out terrorism as a possible motive. Both the NSA and FBI are interviewing witnesses and deciding whether or not federal charges are needed.

Germanwings Co-pilot had Suicidal Tendencies in the Past

Following a tragedy that has stolen headlines across major news outlets, an investigation on Andreas Lubitz, co-pilot of Germanwings flight 9525, was found to have serious suicidal tendencies, according to The New York Times.

On March 24, Lubitz, in an act of suicide and murder, plunged the Airbus A320 jet into the Alp mountainside, killing all 150 people on board. Since the tragedy, doctors and psychiatrists have looked into Lubitz’s past to try and find a motive.

“Mr. Lubitz had been treated by psychotherapists over a long period of time,” stated Düsseldorf’s Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Lubiz’s medical history has sparked debate between lawmakers and medical professionals alike. There is a law in Germany that gives the ability to disclose medical information solely to the patient. Lawmakers are now calling for doctors to release that information if the patient shows suicidal patterns and can pose a threat to public safety.

Executives at Lufthansa, the company that owns Germanwings, did not find any traits during his training period that would signify suicidal tendencies. Carsten Spohr, chief executive of Lufthansa, stated “[Lubitz] was 100 percent flightworthy, without any limitations.”

Specialists from across Europe have assembled to examine the crash, find any possible links between Lubitz’s behavior and the crash and identify victims.

Trevor Noah Replaces Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

Trevor Noah, the 31-year-old South-African comedian, has been chosen to take the reigns over The Daily Show after Jon Stewart announced his departure in January.

Stewart expressed his excitement for Trevor in a statement released to BBC, saying that he is a great comedian and that he was excited to see how the show turns out.

In Noah’s home country, citizens rejoiced over having one of their own run the show.

“We wish to congratulate him on this significant achievement,” commented spokesman Sandile Memela.

It is unclear when Stewart will leave the show, but producers expect Noah to take the anchor’s seat before the next presidential election.