National Guard in Baltimore as Protests Take Place

Earlier this week, as protesters took to the streets to condemn the killing of Freddie Gray by Baltimore officers, the National Guard was called in to quell some of the unrest in the city. The protests were a far cry from the peaceful gatherings that took place earlier in the day.

The action comes after protesters and looters took to the streets to display their dissatisfaction with the killing of Freddie Gray, a Baltimore resident who had his neck and vertebrae snapped in multiple places after being held in custody by police.

After rioters had looted and burned down a local CVS, the National Guard was called in to calm the protests. Shortly after their arrival, a city wide curfew was put into effect.

Police Commissioner Anthony Batts appreciates the help received from the Guard. “[The guard was there] to sustain that area, to stabilize it and make sure everything is O.K.”

Overall, both the police and the Guard have noticed a decrease in activity after the curfew went into effect, only making 10 arrests after the curfew.

The officers who killed Gray are currently being charged with murder.

Death Toll after Nepalese Earthquake Increases at an Alarming Rate

On Saturday, April 25, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the small country of Nepal, affecting nearly 8 million people. Thousands of people have been forced to sleep outdoors amid the ruin left by the disaster.

Sushil Koirala, Prime Minister, believes the death toll could rise well above 10,000, a stark estimate for a natural disaster that has already claimed the lives of nearly 5,000 people. The Prime Minister also stressed the need for international aid in the crisis.

Search teams have been scattered across the country looking for any survivors of the massive quake.

18 people were also killed on Mount Everest, after the quake caused an avalanche that tore into the base camp.

Rebecca McAteer, an American doctor working in the country told USA Today that many people were working in rural parts of the country and escaped being killed by the quake. “The immediate need is getting support where it’s needed, but there will be a lot of work rebuilding.”

The United Nations has taken a serious interest in the matter, compiling reports and organizing efforts to stabilize the situation. The UN has estimated that 1.4 million people are in serious need of food, as the quake has damaged much of the agricultural infrastructure of the country.

So far, multiple groups have donated their time and effort to helping the people of Nepal, but much more needs to be done.

Commercial Ship Intercepted by Iranian Forces

On Tuesday, April 28, a Marshall Islands flagged commercial ship was intercepted by Iranian naval forces in the Strait of Hormuz.

The patrol boats who intercepted the vessel requested that the captain follow them further into Iranian waters. After the captain refused, the Iranians fired several warning shots and guided the ship further into Iranian territory.

The Pentagon is currently monitoring the situation, making sure the incident doesn’t escalate further. They have rejected the option of using military intervention at this time. Despite this decision, the USS Farragut, a nearby warship, has made its way to the incident. Its true mission will remain unclear until more is known about its final destination.