Area 51 Raid

Area 51 is a government facility located in a remote town in Nevada. Over the summer, a Facebook event popped up saying, "Let’s see them aliens.” It originally began as a joke, but over two million people committed to going. They wanted to “storm” Area 51 and “save ET from the government.” The raid was set for Friday, Sept. 20, 2019.

Some people were marking the weekend with music, festivals and events. There was the "Alienstock" event in Las Vegas, as well as an alien-themed festival in the small neighboring town of Rachel. There was also an event in Hiko, Nev. geared toward true believers. This was in addition to the many other related events in small Nevada towns. However, some people were still utterly committed to making it into Area 51.

Despite warnings from the U.S. government and locals of the town, as well as the deletion of the Facebook event by its creator for fear of people's safety, around 100 people showed up to the raid that Friday morning. No one actually “stormed” Area 51, but at least two of these people were arrested for misconduct. One person even Naruto ran on live television.

2019–20 Flu Season

This flu season, like every other, doctors are urging people to get their flu shots. Flu shots are known to reduce the risk of contracting the illness and they aid in reducing the risks of complications, as well as passing it on to others. Pregnant women, young children and the elderly are more susceptible to disease, so getting a flu shot would protect these individuals.

One of the biggest misconceptions about vaccines is that it gives people the flu. Vaccines are made with killed or inactivated viruses, so it cannot infect you. However, the flu vaccine takes roughly two weeks to work. If you already have the flu or contract the illness during that two-week period, it is not going to work.

It’s recommended that you get your flu shot no later than the end of October. This is because the flu peaks during the cold, dry weather from December to February. However, getting your flu shot at any point during the season is “better late than never.”

The shot typically protects against three or four viruses, but the vaccine has to be changed every year. There are many different strains of the virus, and each strain's contagiousness varies each year. Last year’s vaccine was only 29 percent effective because there was an unprecedented surge in a specific strain that was not accounted for in the vaccine.

Mont Blanc Glacier at Risk of Collapse

Officials of Italy have confirmed that 250,000 cubic meters of ice could slide off the Mont Blanc glacier at any time. This glacier, located in the Alps, spreads 512 square miles and has been shifting an average 20 inches each day.

Officials have said climate change is the cause for this crisis. The accelerated shift is due to the unusually high temperatures from August and September.

The road below has been closed in case of collapse; there is no telling when the glacier will fall. There is also no way to tell whether it will come off in its entirety or in pieces.

Environment Minister Sergio Costa said the emergency shows “the necessity and urgency of strong and coordinated action for the climate, to prevent extreme events that risk dramatic consequences.”