High California Temps Cause Wildfire

On September 14, CNN reported that 1500 acres of the Silverado Canyon area in California had been destroyed by a wildfire. The fire started in a resident’s backyard for currently unknown reasons. According to USA Today, the hot and dry weather intensified the chances for this wildfire. CNN also mentioned that California’s recent temperatures have been in the 100s, which is a record high. The wildfire is only 10 percent contained, so officials agreed to call an evacuation of over 200 homes because they were unsure of how long the fire will be kept stable due to current weather conditions. There are currently over 800 firemen and 15 aircraft monitoring and controlling that fire as well as 11 other fires in California, according to USA Today.

Coalition against ISIS

The United States has issued over 150 airstrikes in response to attacks in Iraq and Syria by ISIS, a group that has murdered many in Iraq and Syria and has beheaded two Americans as well as a British aid worker. According to the Washington Post, President Obama explained that this war will be different from Iraqi wars in the past; this one will be lead with airstrikes, with support from the ground.

When ISIS beheaded the third captive, Secretary of State John Kerry spent a week in the Middle East searching for support for the United States to proceed with a battle against ISIS. CNN claims President Barack Obama stated that “allies and partners of the United States would provide support to eventually destroy the militant group.” Secretary  of State John Kerry supported this statement by pointing out the 40 nations that are willing to join the United States in the fight against this militant group. Then, on Monday, Sept. 15, further discussion among the alliance to fight the militants took place in an international conference in Paris. The exact nations involved are not yet released, but Kerry assured our country that we have support.

Obama Online Health Care Enrollment: Take 2

A year ago there was turmoil as the website for President Obama’s healthcare plan experienced extreme technical difficulties. Although U.S. citizens shouldn’t expect the same meltdown this year, there are risks for complications as enrollment approaches, now just two months away. Rochester News explains that  when enrolling for health care, there is the option for automatic renewal; by signing up for automatic renewal, the customer misses out on more inexpensive paths offered and therefore risks receiving an inaccurate government allowance. In addition, those that are currently enrolled for 2015 healthcare received tax credits to help cover the cost. That money from the government, however, is linked to income, so the millions of customers registered will need to update forms to confirm they received the right amount of tax returns. If they received too much, their given subsidy will decrease. If they didn’t receive enough, the government will owe them the difference. There is also concern for political fallout, given the law’s confusing and elaborate ties to the tax system. Time will tell if this program is functional and if it successfully aids those it is intended to help.