Tractor is  Shot from Unknown Source, 390N Shuts Down

On Thursday, May 2, Interstate 390 of Rochester was shut down at 10:30 a.m. According to Rochester’s Democrat and Chronicle Newspaper, a tractor driver called 911 to report that bullets struck his vehicle. The driver heard the bullet strike his vehicle, and turned to see that there was a bullet shape hole in his rear window. Earlier in the previous week, a vehicle made a similar report.

The driver was unharmed, but the Interstate was shut down for four hours while the police commenced their investigation. Police are investigating whether or not the truck was truly struck with a bullet, for the bullet casing has not yet been found. They are also trying to determine whether or not this incident is related to the earlier report concerning a shot being fired at another vehicle. 13 WHAM News reported that the northbound lanes of 390 were opened at approximately 2:30, but that the southbound lanes were not reopened until just before rush hour.

The investigation will be continued, but in the meantime questions remain unanswered.

Connecticut Allows Medical Marijuana

Currently, laws that permit medical marijuana have been accepted in 21 states. Connecticut recently approved medical marijuana, but remains the only one that requires an on-site pharmacist. According to the New York Times, the law states necessitates a pharmacist “dispense the drug, and limits the list of qualifying ailments,” essentially restricting the ability for some to obtain the drug.

Although Connecticut’s law regarding the sale of marijuana for medical purposes has been debated for two years, the New York Times reports that the drug remains inaccessible. Problems include finding locations for dispensing that Connecticut cities find adequate. So far, Fairfield and West Haven refuse to allow those with licenses to utilize dispensaries. Towns including Madison, New Canaan and Westport inflicted prohibitions of a year while zoning rules were being evaluated, and  the Bridgeport zoning board rejected a license applicant.

The first dispensaires in Connecticut are to open in the  summer of 2014. Approximately 2,000 patients have become eligible to use medical marijuana, and have registered with the State Department of Consumer Protection to pursue the drug.  

Pro-Russian Separatists Attack State Prosecutor’s Office


On May 1, President Vladimir Putin order Ukraine to pull military troops from the southern region of the country. According to the New York Times, Putin told German Chancellor Angela Merkel that it was “imperative to withdraw all military units from the southeastern regions, stop the violence and immediately launch a broad national dialogue as part of the constitutional reform process involving all regions and political forces.”

As a response, a mob of approximately 1,000 Pro-Russian Separatists attacked the state prosecutor’s office in Donetsk. As the mob attacked with stones and wielded sticks, dozens of riot police that were guarding the building were forced to surrender. The Washington Post reported that the demonstration started below a statue of a former soviet ruler. The separatists  then turned their attention to city police headquarters.

The protesters were dressed in black balaclavas, and used stones from a nearby stone wall to smash the windows of the building. In attempt to stop the mob, gunshots were fired and tear gas was fired into  the building. The police finally surrendered once their riot gear was stolen. According to the Washington Post, additional stolen items included legal files and hard drives from inside of the building. 

The mob in Donetsk resulted in 26 injuries, including four gunshot wounds, plus a hospitalized policeman.