5/5 stars

iOS & Android

Sleepbot has taken sleep logging to a whole new level.

The app itself is a comprehensive sleep tracking program, that records, analyzes and maps out the user’s sleep patterns. The application has a user base of over one million downloads, which continues to grow even today.

When first using the app, I was concerned that my lack of sleep logging knowledge would undermine my effort to use it. I was proven wrong by its fluid display and detailed layout. To start, all I had to do was choose how many hours of sleep I wished to get in a night. When it was time to set my alarm, I was given a full list of options for days, times and kinds of alarms.

After I set up my alarms, my phone received a notification from the app, “Go to bed on time!” SleepBot sends you a notification however many hours you wish to sleep beforehand so you maintain a regular sleep schedule.  When you do finally hit the, “going to sleep” button, you are given the options to track your movements and record any sound during your sleep. This enables the app to analyze how much sleep you are actually getting, and what times during the night you fall asleep more easily.

After you wake up, the app logs all your movement and asks you to rate the quality of your sleep. Using this information, the app determines how much sleep you had and, after a full week, graphs your sleep progress. Depending on your sleeping habits, you’ll learn the average amount of sleep you have per night and your accumulation sleep debt, which is defined as how much sleep you lost during resting hours.

For those who are looking to earn a better night’s rest, Sleepbot is the tool to achieve it.