I am very saddened that the issue will be barred from complete public disbursement. A topic that is solely about humans and human processes and interactions should not be considered profane or obscene. Humans all have some gender, somehow everyone identifies with something at least. So it would be for the public good that we have a forum to learn more about it, or a platform for discussion to be brought up. I hope that this is reconsidered. I also do not want this sort of censorship to become common place on campus. What's next? Require ID for Drag Shows or Rocky Horror? Ban the Vagina Monologues or the Female Orgasm talks? If I go to a university that is not comfortable sharing ideas on sexuality and gender, I might be in the wrong place. The consequences are dire. As a community if we censor speaking about sexuality, if there are issues that do arise, such as sexual misconduct, bullying, rape, or even questions about relationships, will we be comfortable in confronting them? If there cannot be open communication through freedom of the press on campus, will it bleed into other areas?