There is a difference between being bombarded with images of sex and images of sexual health. While our generation has gained a reputation of being liberal and open about about sex, gender expression, and sexuality, much is still swept under the rug of shame and embarrassment. 

Many of us are victims of high school "health" classes where sex is discussed for maybe a total of a week and come from homes where gender and sexuality are not dinner table conversations.  The sad reality is a lot of those "informative" discussions are lectures not far from that of Coach Carr in Mean Girls.  To quote the character in the movie, "Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die." A combination of lack of education in school and at home leads to young adults' frustration and ignorance, even if it is not apparent.  A recent public Facebook post by an RIT/NTID professor, Thomas Warfield, expressed students' ignorance about HIV and how class time was well spent having an open and honest discussion. Cutting off circulation of this publication during ImagineRIT will greatly reduce the number of readers, and consequently those to be potentially educated. Students walking around campus this weekend are there eager to learn.  Students walking around campus during the week are just going to class.