I have no problem with Reporter Magazine. During my time at RIT I found it a refreshing source of information about RIT and an alternative viewpoint as to what's going on around campus and in the Rochester area.

I do, however, feel that the administration is justified in preventing the normal distribution of this issue during Imagine RIT, no matter the importance of the content. I also feel that this situation could have been handled better.

From what I've seen thus far, the points that this issue brings up are extremely relevant, and I applaud the magazine for choosing to write a piece on this.

That being said, perhaps anatomical drawings of genitalia are not the best for children to possibly see during ImagineRIT. Unfortunately, someone may be offended by their children seeing them. Because this was picked up as a publication of RIT during ImagineRIT, it can lead to offended people putting the blame on RIT for allowing this to happen. Furthermore should a media outlet pick up on this, it will most likely be spun in a negative fashion creating bad publicity for the Institute.

RIT has the right and necessity to preserve its public-facing image. Speaking as a former executive board member of an MSO, had RIT seen us do something objectionable that puts the Institute in a negative light, I foresee them making the same call here, even if the action was legal under federal and state regulations.

Having not seen the issue yet, my question is this: Does the objectionable illustration provide value to the article? Could the article have done without it? Can we assume that people reading an article about sexuality are familiar with what human genitalia look like?

I think that Reporter is handling this situation poorly. At the end of the day, the magazine is authorized to operate as a Mass [sic] Student Organization by the RIT administration. Should they choose to limit the actions of any organization, the organization must abide by it. They have the final call.

Personally I think that the way this is being handled on the Internet reflects a lack of judgment and tact by the leadership of Reporter and is only resulting in more stress for all parties involved. Announcing the circumstances behind something happening is fine. But trying to garner support through Facebook and Reddit bickering? I expected better.