I'm very interested in getting a copy of this issue, and I understand that we need to spread information about this topic to everyone. So, that makes it reasonable to assume that Imagine RIT is a great place to do this.

However, there are factors we need to consider. Open-minded parents will have no problem with the issue, and might grab a few copies for their children. Open discussion about these types of topics are generally welcome in those households.

Closed-minded parents, on the other hand, are a completely different story. Yes, this issue of Reporter might be the first step in children breaking away from their parents and thinking for themselves, but their parents are going to shut that right down. If a parent sees their child/teen looking at or even mentioning something like this, that child is in for, at the very least, a dirty look, a scolding and a "Well those people are wrong and blah blah blah". The situation could end in a screaming match. It could end in RIT getting sued and the child ashamed of him/herself and his/her parents.

It's good that Reporter wants to get the message out. It will show some people out there that there is more to life than just hateful thinking. 

All I'm saying is, the kids you are trying to reach with this, who live in houses full of closed-mindedness, they are possibly going to get punished in some way if they are caught being interested in this. I've grown up with closed-minded parents, and I know what life is like for families like that.

I hope the adults that you are trying to reach with this issue will still pick up a copy of Reporter during Imagine RIT, and I hope that that will push them in the right direction of becoming more accepting of every person around them. Maybe they will show their friends and family.