I am a proud parent of an RIT student.  We spent many years teaching our children moral, religious and ethical values we believed were important for them to learn. By the time our children leave for college they have had a lifetime of living by our rules and examples. We have taught them as much as we can and we hope that when they arrive on campus, they have not forgotten the years of values we help to instill. Sexuality is a difficult topic for many people, young and old. Not allowing students to read about a topic that many of them are grappling with, and associating the topic with words such as vulgar, inappropriate, or obscene, seems counter productive and controlling. Reading the gender/sexuality issue will not make a heterosexual student gay or a gay student transgender. It will hopefully open a dialogue for healthy sexual discussions and behavior and allow students grappling with questions around sexuality and gender to begin to find answers. 

I truly hope you will reconsider your position in not allowing this issue of Reporter to be distributed as the other issues are. We have sent our children off to college to learn and grow. Let's allow them to do so without restriction or judgment.