Word of the Week:

Williwaw (noun): A violent squall.

Sentence: Dan shivered to the bone due to the williwaw blowing through Rochester.


“Oaths are but words and words are but wind.”-Samuel Butler

Stream of Facts:

There is an ordinance in San Diego County that only allows their residents to own one rooster, an effort to deter cockfighting in the area.

Oscoda is one county of many in Michigan coined by Henry Schoolcraft, an author who worked with Native Americans. All of the counties named by him incorporated Native American syllables mixed with Latin and Arabic

The word checkmate derives from the Old French phrase “echec mat,” which in turn is from the Arabic phrase “shah mat” which translates as “the king is left helpless” or “the king died.”

The United States is one of the only countries that does not dip its flag to the host nation of the Olympics. This stems from the 1908 Olympics in London when the US flag bearer refrained from the act and supposedly responded “This flag dips for no earthly king.”

Reporter Recommends: Monster Hunter

Overlooking certain media when it may be considered inaccessible or difficult to grasp is a common trend nowadays. People like and cling to the familiar to the point where original or strange ideas are considered absurd to explore.

While not a new series, I feel Monster Hunter needs to get the spotlight now more than ever. Is it challenging? Yes. Will you be somewhat overwhelmed by the item combination system and the various weapon types? Yes. But it is incredibly engaging and almost exciting to the point of addiction. The simple overarching goal of the games is this: slay monsters, harvest their materials and proceed to get better gear. As rinse and repeat that can sound, you will be motivated to get more badass weaponry, feel exhilaration combating ferocious, death bringing monsters and just in general, survive.

For the people that thought that gaming was getting easier, check Monster Hunter out. Capcom has been too devoid of captivating series and Monster Hunter has a hell of a lot of quirk and a lot of heart.

With many great newbie resources like the Monster Hunter Wiki, /r/monsterhunter on reddit and the huge influx of tutorials on YouTube, there’s no excuse to take the plunge and check out Capcom’s most recent iteration of the series, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Join the hunt!