Ah, Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air and you are going out with your significant other for a holiday drink. Wait, you don’t know where to start? Well come by each day leading up to the Day of Love for a new drink recipe each day including feedback from our tasting team.

For each drink, we rated the drink on its appearance or first impression, smell, taste and whether or not it was Valentine’s Day material.

Day One Drinks

Today, we’ll be looking at two of the lowest rated from the six drinks we test tasted, because who gets excited about the least favorite drinks?

"His" Cocktail:

Photograph by Seth Abel

Rank: Sixth Place

Rating: 1.6/5 hearts

Part of a “His and Hers” Valentine’s Day drink duo. The ratings difference between the “His” and “Hers” drink were so drastic, we’ll be showcasing them separately. Stay with us for the rest of the week to see how the staff rated the “Hers” half.

The Original Recipe:

-          2 oz vanilla vodka

-          1 oz hazelnut liquor


Our Take: After a liquor store search for hazelnut liquor proved unsuccessful, we substituted the ingredient, ounce for ounce, with amaretto.

A less than favorable drink, we had higher hopes for the “His Cocktail.” Essentially, a pure liquor mix of vanilla vodka and amaretto, it fits the name of the drink perfectly. It, however, was worst received of the bunch. “A brown and boring color,” the “His Cocktail” was divisive on its taste. Described as having an almond taste to being “a nice burning of Windex,” this is probably something for only the serious drinker.  As well as not having an attractive or even festive appearance, the “His Cocktail” really isn’t really Valentine’s Day material.