As summer comes to a close and the Rochester winter fast approaches, figuring out how to spend your free time might prove to be a tricky task. The fall season is full of ever-changing weather, but luckily Rochester is full of activities for whatever the sky is up to.

Keeping it Classic

The Greater Rochester area and the Finger Lakes Region offer a variety of local apple orchards, such as Becker Farms, the Wayne County Apple Tasting Trail and G and S Orchards, where you can go to pick fresh apples. New York has such a diverse apple selection that even the pickiest of palates can find a favorite. If you are looking to sink your teeth into a crisp and sweet apple, try the Jersey Mac. For those looking to find the perfect apple for a pie, try the Fortune. Its slightly spicy flavor is the perfect way to add a spin to a signature dessert.

From apples and berries to pumpkins and squash, G and S Orchards offers a diverse selection of fresh in-season produce. With picking hours every weekend and a farm stand open during the week, G and S Orchards has something that is sure to get you your daily servings of fruits and vegetables. They also offer tips to new fruit pickers on their website, such as to not throw the fruit. Dropping apples into your basket could easily bruise them, and no one wants to bite into a mushy apple.

Buying on a Budget

For those who love fresh and locally-sourced produce but are looking to stay within a budget, try exploring the Rochester Public Market. Open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays year-round, the market offers an assortment of goods and experiences.

From freshly roasted nuts (from the Florida Nut House) to maple syrup (from Maxon Estate Farms), the market has almost anything you might desire. 

With prices lower than the local supermarkets', the Rochester Public Market offers savings across the board. They offer a college student discount sheet specifically designed for college students trying to stay within a budget. You can pull up the sheet on your phone or you can pick up a physical copy at the Market Office. 

Not only does the market offer goods to buy, but there are also artists sharing their talents. Musicians playing original music fill the market with life as dancers gather to show off their skills. Artists sit and sketch you as you wait in line for food. The Market offers something for everyone, whether that be people-watching or affordable, locally-grown produce.

The Perfect Shot

Who doesn’t love the perfect Instagram or Twitter post? From aesthetic scenery to detailed artwork, Rochester has numerous backdrop options for the perfect fall post.

Highland Park is a nice touch of nature in the city. Known for the varieties of colorful flowers that bring the park to life in the summer, the park is a staple of Rochester. With hiking paths, benches and picnic tables to pose with, you can walk the grounds under the changing leaves and capture a seasonal photo.

Highland Park is also home to the Lamberton Conservatory, a space where seasonal plants thrive free from the harsh Rochester weather. For a small fee you can escape the cold and explore displays of tropical plants, the perfect way to fight off those late fall and early winter blues.

For those looking for a more artistic photoshoot, Wall/Therapy provides a plethora of murals to strike the perfect pose. Wall/Therapy is an intervention project with hopes of inspiring the community. The murals offer aesthetics ranging from punk rock to modern day hipster with giant whales and portraits of Jimi Hendrix painted on the sides of buildings. Whatever your style may be, there is a mural to match.

Rainy Day Reservations

Unfortunately, the Rochester fall loves to shower us with rain whether we like it or not. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to stay dry and still enjoy the season.

If you are looking to reawaken your inner child, The Strong Museum of Play welcomes patrons of all ages. You can explore the history of toys and then go for your weekly Wegmans trip at the Play Wegmans, where you get to play the role of customer, cashier and manager all at the same time. Plus, college students get a discount, so long as you remember to bring your RIT ID.

For those who are looking for a day of shopping, Eastview Mall in Victor is the place to go. Not only does the plaza have the mall, but there is also a Regal Cinemas where you can kick your feet up and watch a movie once you're all shopped out. However, if you don’t want to make the 20-minute drive to Eastview, Marketplace Mall also offers the classic mall experience.

If you're feeling lazy, what better way to spend a rainy fall day than wrapped up under a warm blanket in your pajamas? With a cup of coffee or hot chocolate in hand, you can curl up in front of a TV to watch a movie or your favorite show. Fall is the perfect excuse to use to stay inside and enjoy some well-deserved you time.