Photo by Tess Roberts

Han Noodle Bar 

Culture: Chinese

Price: $

Restaurant size: Small

Distance: 16 minutes from campus

Bonus: Inexpensive food and fast service!

I love Chinese food (the real stuff, not the Americanized version) and boy, does Han Noodle Bar deliver on a college student’s budget! Do it for the dumplings and the pork buns! Do it for the fried squid and shrimp! Just do it! I’ve been here multiple times since I started school and I can’t wait to return. 

Photo by Tess Roberts


Culture: Ethiopian

Price: $

Restaurant size: Medium

Distance: 9 minutes from campus

Bonus: Perfect when trying to feed large groups, plus there's lots of vegan options.

Ah, the spices! Eating campus food can make a girl really miss her seasoning. Fortunately, Abyssinia delivers all the flavors and cooks their meat until it falls off the bone perfectly. True to Ethiopian culture, this restaurant was made for group sharing. If you order one of the traditional group platters — which I highly recommend — you dip the injera (rolls of bread) into a large dish of sauces, vegetables and meat. If food-heaven is a place on earth, it’s here. 

Photo by Natalie Whitton


Culture: Dominican 

Price: $$

Restaurant size: Large

Distance: 6 minutes from campus

Bonus: Great for parties!

Their offerings on campus don't do it justice. The menu on campus may be simple, but the restaurant sure isn't. The hardest part is figuring out what to order. But whatever you decide, your meal is guaranteed to be plated beautifully and taste amazing. You can enjoy the upbeat music and lively atmosphere while you wait. If you’re old enough to drink, check out their beach-themed bar. I didn’t because I’m underage, but the older ladies across from us looked like they were having a great time.

Photo by Tess Roberts

Mamma G’s

Culture: Italian

Price: $$

Restaurant size: Medium

Distance: 7 minutes from campus

Bonus: Great for a more relaxed date that's still romantic.

You might be thinking, “Why go to an Italian place when I can make pasta at home?” Wrong! This isn’t dry, store-bought pasta and tomato sauce. Mamma G is a real Italian grandma who moved here straight from Italy four years ago to build this restaurant. All the pasta, sauce and desserts are homemade. Just make sure you pack an extra stomach.The portions are large, so you might get full after the appetizer. You probably won’t finish your meal, but don’t worry — pasta tastes great as leftovers.