For the past 10ten years, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad has made a name for themselves as a true success story infrom the Rochester music scene. Starting as a small bar band, the reggae group slowly worked its way up the chain to becoming one of the most prominent new names in the genre. Now, with their signing to Easy Star Records, the band's stance as a formidable forcename in the reggae scene has become fully solidified.

"We've been friends with the Easy Star people for awhile now, it seemed like a very natural progression," said drummer Chris O'Brian., "Tthe guys are really running the whole American reggae scene right now, they really know what they're doing and we're really happy to be on board."

Based out of Brooklyn, Easy Star records , best known for the eponymous Easy Star All-Stars , have become a staple of the reggae culture since their inception in 2003. They are famous forMost famously are their reggae cover albums of classic rock staples, including Radiohead's "OK Computer,", covered as "Radiodread,", and Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon,", covered as "Dub Side of the Moon.". Easy Star released Giant Panda's new album, "Steady,", on September 30th of this year.

"We actually recorded Steady back in 2012," said O'Brian, "sorta on a dare from one of our friends, Craig Welch, who lives in Boston outside of Coolidge. He gave us a call and said 'Ccome out here and let me record you guys to your fullest potential.'. So we did, at this really awesome home studio, it was a great time."

Alongside "Steady,", O'Brian goes on to talk about other albums pre-recorded to be released byon Easy Star.

"We actually recorded two other albums, one being a follow-up to our Americana album, 'Country' (released in 2012)," said O'Brian.

Giant Panda, finishing a leg of tours with Easy Star All-Stars and prog-reggae group Tatanka, performed at a CD release party at Rochester's German House on October 4th.

"Ya know, we've driven from Vancouver all the way down to San Diego, driving through Phoenix right now and played Vegas last night," said O'Brian., "Iit's just been great, we're all really like-minded people who dig each other's music. It's just been a really great experience."

O'Brian goes on to talk about the Rochester music scene and his, at the time, upcoming show.

"We've always been Water Sstreet people. We've played the German House once before with Mosaic Foundation, and Quickly Quietly. Those guys were just out of control, we were lucky to get them to come up," said O'Brian, "but we were always a bar band playing around the city, so we're all excited to get back and play in Rochester." 

As for the album itself, "Steady" is a demonstration of what reggae can truly be. Featuring notes of soul and R&B -influence, alongside the much expected reggae groove, "Steady" packs a punch, though be it is a delicate, groovy punch borrowing equally from the Grateful Dead and Marvin Gaye. It's a soft, melodic, head-nodding compilation of tunes that bringsbringing to mind images of rocking chairs and a pipe packed to the brim with your favorite smokeables.

"Steady" is available for purchase at