Many freshmen will spend their early weeks at RIT cooped up in their dorms, utilizing just the space immediate to their room to study, nap, eat, etc. They get in a rut, and as a result, possibly minimize their social interactions. I’m here to tell you the best places to study, use the bathroom and hang out on campus.

Study Places on Campus

Reading Room

Entering the Reading Room, located on the second floor of the Campus Center, there is not a brick in sight. The two heavy wooden doors can be closed to block out the hum of student life, allowing the silence to swallow you and enable you to focus. Books cover the walls and the room is filled with long tables and a few big, comfy chairs. 

Simone Center

The Simone Center is accessible through the University Services Center by Global Village. It’s a charming spot that offers comfy furniture and an indoor fountain as well as project space, project support, mentorship and access to any innovation resource on campus. In addition to the resources it offers, its location near Global Village means that it’s surrounded by several food services, so you can step away from your studies and grab a quick lunch or coffee break if needed.

Erdle Commons

This is a glass-enclosed area that can be found at the entrance of Gleason Hall. Both faculty and students utilize it as an informal work space. The windows give you much needed and often lacking warmth of light. The area is a great place to get together with a group of friends to do work and you can get a snack or beverage from the vending machines nearby, too.

Bathrooms on Campus

Second floor of Booth

Although public restrooms aren’t the most pleasant, they can be tricky to avoid when you’re in class or miles away from your own toilet.  If you get bored easily while taking care of your business, the bathroom on the second floor of Booth has stalls perfect for you. They are usually filled with drawings and commentary from the art students (unless they have just been covered with another fresh coat of paint). 

Campus Center

This is the gold standard of facilities. These beautiful bathrooms are located on the first floor of the campus center right across from the Kathy Hall Conference Room and Center for Women and Gender. Clean and nicely unscented, these stylish restrooms have tiled floors and walls and even a color scheme of beige dancing between the walls and the stalls. The long mirrors above the sinks stretch across the main wall to help you maintain your stylish look.

Where to hang out when the weather is nice

Global Village fire pit

This is a great spot to hang out in Global Village. The seating area consists of couches and umbrella-covered tables. It’s surrounded by food services so it’s a great location to grab a meal with your friends and relax. Come nightfall, stringed lights bring a magical vibe to the environment. One downfall of relaxing here, however, is Rochester weather. It’s unpredictable. The fire pit is beautiful …when the weather’s beautiful.

Zen garden

There is a peaceful little contemplative garden situated in the corner of the Kodak Quad. It has a small pond, a bench and a variety of flowers that make it a beautiful natural space. There is plenty of shade from trees, so on sunny days it provides the perfect environment to relax in while still enjoying the warmth.

The fountain

Hidden behind Louise Slaughter Hall and  close to Golisano Institute of Sustainability, this secluded fountain is surrounded by a large open area consisting of benches and pathways. The path leading to this spot is lined with trees filled with white blossoms, a refreshing contrast to the brick buildings that surround them. The fountain has a modern look, where half of it transforms out of its cement holder into a mini garden, with plants and shrubbery growing from it. 

Although RIT can be filled with bricks and a gray sky, unexpected beauty is woven in hidden sites. Choosing the same spots to spend your time can undoubtedly result in a feeling of confinement. Variety can transform your experience at RIT; GO EXPLORE.