This is your first year of college, and there is a lot to do in and around RIT. Time is short, and soon you won't have much time to do anything besides work, homework and drinking coffee. Use this bucket list as a guide to experience what RIT has to offer before you run out of time.

  1. Eat at all 18 dining locations at least once.
  2. Take the free First Friday bus to the art galleries in Rochester.
  3. Go to No Voice Zone and learn how to sign your major. 
  4. Try out the (tiny) lazy river in the Gordon Field House pool.
  5. Eat at Jay’s Diner.
  6. Get free swag from FreezeFest and SpringFest.
  7. Go sledding in the winter on the hill by the Red Barn.
  8. Go rock climbing at the Red Barn.
  9. Go to a free skate in the Ritter Ice Arena.
  10. Go to a hockey game.
  11. Go to a sports game that isn't hockey.
  12. Shake hands with President Destler.
  13. Hug/high-five the mascot, Ritchie the Tiger.
  14. Listen to WITR (station 89.7).
  15. Go to an RIT Players production or an improv show.
  16. Go to an NTID Performing Arts production. 
  17. Go to Imagine RIT in May and see as much stuff as you can. 
  18. Go to a trivia and open mic night at Lovin'cup.
  19. Go to a Gray Matter debate. 
  20. Play an intramural sport or join a club, or five. 
  21. Watch a really intense Humans vs. Zombies showdown.
  22. Go to one of CAB's Thursday night movies. 
  23. Go to Bow Wow Wellness and pet puppies. 
  24. Try slacklining.
  25. Go to all the art galleries on campus (there are three). 
  26. Visit Park Avenue downtown when it's nice outside. There is more to Rochester than Jefferson Avenue.
  27. Spin around in the weird chairs on the first floor of the library.
  28. Visit the Cary Collection and see RIT's very own page of the Gutenberg Bible.
  29. Model for a photo student's homework assignment.
  30. Make friends with someone who doesn't live in the same dorm as you.
  31. Go to a party. They happen, I promise.
  32. Volunteer — do Habitat for Humanity, walk dogs at the Scottsville Animal shelter, etc.
  33. Take a wellness class. You have to do two before you graduate anyway.
  34. Eat food from a food truck.
  35. Go to an event that your RA planned.

Okay, I know you're not going to do that last one. But at least give the list a try — you'll be glad that you did something besides staring dismally out your dorm window at the sea of bricks that is your new home.