In lieu of a traditional Rings page, Distorter invites you to try and complete some of the more interesting Rings that we've received.

There's nothing worse than a ______ that's had work done.

A. garbage truck

B. daffodil

C. jaguar

D. sex doll 

Toontown is _______, the RPG.

A. insanity

B. anti-bullying

C. anarchy

D. socialism

 On a scale of one to ten fuck offs, it's not ________.

A. raining hard

B. okay to lick my spoon

C. more annoying than Nicki Minaj

D. the last time

There's a disproportionate amount of _____ in this room.

A. history buffs

B. orange Hawaiian Punch

C. golf

D. goats

 Nobody can ___________, not even my mom.

A. handle this weed

B. forge my signature

C. learn to love me

D. make a good casserole

It's hip to fuck ______.

A. in tanning booths

B. bees

C. Mitt Romney

D. a three-day-old ham sandwich

Answer Key: B, D, A, C, B, B