Chaos, terror, confusion and overall disappointment is the best way to describe "2020". When it was first in talks, there was a lot of hype to see the film and even the trailer was exciting. Instead, this film ended up being a film nobody asked for. Why anybody would sit through this almost three-hour long movie is beyond me and hopefully reading this will save some of your time.

This film was directed by Michael Bay and was rumored to be his last film before retiring from film-making. It starred one of the Hemsworths, that pretty girl who isn’t very smart, the bad guy who looked a little orange and a kangaroo. With all of the crisscrossing storylines in “2020,” it was hard to keep track of everything going on.

The movie opens up with an intense scene of Australia up in flames. Everyone is trying to flee the country and there is destruction everywhere. The main actor and his kangaroo are one of the last ones on the plane to escape. They unfortunately don't know what they are getting themselves into.

With a beginning that tragic I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into either, but I was hopeful. When our characters land in the States, all seems well. He meets the pretty girl who isn't very smart and things begin looking up.

The next major event comes when everybody on the West Coast starts getting infected by an unknown disease and our characters travel east to escape.

This is where the movie took a crazy turn and events started unfolding every few minutes, making it really difficult to keep up.

In the midst of the disease taking over the country and our main characters trying to flee, we meet our bad guy who looked a little orange. He was planning his own scheme to take over the world.

Our bad guy who looked a little orange.

When our main character realizes there is a new threat, he makes it his mission to stop him. Unfortunately, a series of plot holes followed.

Creatures called murder hornets were going to terrorize the civilians that weren’t affected by the disease, but we never saw them. Aliens were summoned by the bad guy and threatened to terrorize cities, but we never saw them. The only person who thought all of this was true and going to happen was the pretty girl who wasn’t very smart.

The worst part of the film was the ending. The main goal of the bad guy who was a little orange was to destroy all of the toilet paper in the world, which he was able to do. Right when one of the Hemsworths was going to catch him, he got the disease and wasn’t able to carry it out.

The bad guy gets away, the world is in destruction and both of our main characters don't make it. To make it even worse, somewhere in the middle of the film, the kangaroo is forgotten about and just disappears.

Overall, this movie was a waste of time, a waste of $10 and a waste of brain cells. Zero out of five stars.