Love them or hate them, it is undeniable now that The Real Housewives of RIT is the newest show sweeping across campus. Dramatic storylines, complicated characters and surprise appearances in season one left us wanting more.

The Housewives

The Ring Leader

Nancy Munchkin, also known as the Ring Leader, is the pre-Madonna of Rochester Munchkin is the talk of the town. With her famous husband, lady Munchkin spends her days socializing with her dogs and simply put, doing whatever the hell she pleases.

Given her martial status, gossip is either her best friend or worst enemy. Throughout the season she tries to maintain hold of her empire while also keeping the other housewives in check, making sure that they know who is boss. Sadly, the other households know she is simply living in her husband’s shadow.

The Hot Gossip

If you want to know the hot scoop on someone in town, you have to talk to Kasey Myfistdoe. They somehow know everything about the other housewives. Entrusting Myfistdoe with a secret is a risky move as you never know what they will use it for, whether that be personal gain or in an attempt to stir up trouble.

Myfistdoe has no issue being the center of controversy or conflict. Given their tenacity to get to the root of rumors, drama and secrets, Myfistdoe acts as a driving force in conflict and conflict resolution between the ladies.

The One Under Constant Stress

If there were to be an Olympic event for being a Housewife, Isabel Lessismore would take gold. From soccer, to piano, to fencing, to dance lessons, to grocery shopping, she somehow manages to shuffle her three kids to all their different activities all while being on time.

Imagine in one day not only tackling your schedule but handling the lives and activities of three other smaller humans. What keeps her going you may ask? What gets her through each trying day? Well, when she finally finds free time, she enjoys cracking open a bottle of wine, drawing a bubble bath and simply turning off.

The Trendsetter

The final test to see if you have really made it in the Housewife world is to get the convicted invitation to the event of the season, the End of Year Ball hosted by yours truly, Taylor Badasha. She has the fashion, the connections and the eye for planning an unforgettable party.

From ice dancers, arial artists and even elephant rides, Badasha knows how to entertain a crowd. Her events are always the talk of the town, if you don’t get invited you might as well just pack your things and move far, far away. Her invitations are gate keys to the social scene — the lack of an invitation is a mark as good as death.

Season One Recap

The premier season gave viewers a lot to binge watch with slips and falls, backstabbings and plot twists.

What would you do if your friend's kid beat out your kid for a spot in the dance recital? Well, as any good housewife, host a passive aggressive dinner party and call the bitch out in front of everyone, naturally. That is exactly what Munchkin did.

The youngest Munchkin child was auditioning for the role of Ritchie in “RIT: The Untold Struggle of Spirit,” but was beat out by the middle child of the Lessismore households — as you would expect considering the children of the Munchkins are about as talented as those delusional "American Idol" contestants.

Munchkin hosted a dinner party, guest list consisting exclusively of the best of the best from the Lessismore, Myfistdoe and Badasha families. The Badashas, while flattered by the invitation, unfortunately had a prior engagement. We all know this was a lie (they just didn’t want to come as they said it would be a waste of their time).

Myfistdoe did make an appearance saying that he simply wanted to see the drama happen so he could live tweet it.

For the most part, the dinner party went to plan. Viewers saw all the staples of an argument. One party on the offensive and the other on the lassiez-faire defense because they simply couldn’t care. Munchkin dug in with the first blow claiming that Lessismore bribed the casting director to cast her kids specifically.

So, we start the season with a boring fight and false accusations simply because Munchkin cannot handle the fact that her children are talentless. After Lessismore makes her dramatic exit, Myfistdoe ‘comforts’ Munchkin.

In their conversation, Munchkin opens up about her lies and confides in Myfistdoe and tells him that she actually sabotaged her own child’s audition because she did not want to have to go to the stupid thing anyway. Myfistdoe quickly sprang into action and created a group chat with Badash and Lessismore and filled them in on the lies going on.

Badasha was greatly disappointed in Munchkin. She had always wanted more for her friend, especially since she knows how hard she works in her husband’s shadow. However, this behavior would not be tolerated in her community if Badasha had anything to do about it.

The next week when Badash sent out the guest list for her End of Year Ball, Munchkin’s name was no where to be found on the list. The remainder of the season shows all of Munchkin's failed attempts to get back into Badasha’s good graces. However, having Myfistdoe as an inside man, Badasha is always one step ahead of Munchkin.

Oh, also side note, the performance was mediocre at best; the Lessismore children preformed as expected leaving much to be desired. But I mean, there was only so much they could do with the shit script they were given.

The season finale sees our three housewives gathered at Badasha’s End of year Ball sipping champagne around a pool. Everything appears to be going well ... until Munchkin walks in.

Cue dramatic music. Activate the close up cameras and insert the extra's whisper, “What is she doing here?”