Students at RIT have a lot of things to complain about; the weather, the cost, the horrible food at Gracie’s, but the most common complaint for RIT students is the low number of available women. With this in mind, the we here at Distorter Magazine have come up with a solution by forming a publishing arm on campus that specializes in erotic literature. The new publishing arm, named Chasing Tail Publishing, is comprised of a number of Distorter staff members and led by Distorter editor in chief Joseph Grey.  

The idea for the publishing arm came soon after rumors began that RIT would be censoring internet porn sites at the end of spring quarter last year. “At Distorter, we ask ourselves, what do students want? The answer was obviously sex, I mean who doesn’t like sex?” said Grey. Grey had previously written a number of erotic stories for the internet, but he had never had the means to publish a novel. “The demand has always been there,” said Grey, “but it was the cost that was the problem.” The staff at Distorter brought the idea to President Wrestler, hoping to be able to publish the work through RIT. President Wrestler agreed to allow Distorter to publish the novel as long as half of the profit went to RIT. Grey accepted Wrestler’s proposal saying, “I don’t really care about making money from the profits, as long as people are able to enjoy the work that the Distorter staff and myself put into this piece”. President Wrestler said that he hopes to use Chasing Tail Publishing to release his own novel within the next year. The novel will be called “G-Strings and Banjos,” and will be largely autobiographical.

The staff of Chasing Tail Publishing includes Joseph Grey, Hugh G. Rection, Mike Hawk and John Thomas. “The three of us volunteered for the positions,” said Hawk. “We then had to read four or five different erotic novels ourselves in order to prepare for the task of writing and printing our own”.  The staff at Distorter Magazine are currently working on publishing an erotic novel based on life at RIT. The novel, titled “Compiling After Midnight,” is scheduled to release later this April and will be sold exclusively at the campus book store. Chasing Tail Publishing is located at the previous location of Print Hub, and they plan to remain there for the next few years. “It’s a good location,” said Thomas, “and unless we grow rapidly between now and the start of next year, I think it will work well for us”.

The Future of Chasing Tail Publishing is still not clear at the moment, but Joseph Grey hopes that “students will bring more ideas to us, and we can continue publishing the types of hot, steamy stories that the RIT community so desperately needs.” Distorter has already received one such suggestion in the form of a 99 chapter erotic novel that was sent to their office printer. While the staff of Distorter and Chasing Tail are eager to get suggestions for new novels, the best way to get in touch would be to call them and schedule an appointment to meet with a staff member. “Chasing Tail’s goal is to become something like the rule 34 of erotic literature. If you can think of it, we want there to be an erotic story about it,” said Grey. “This is a main reason why we need the help of the RIT community,” he continued, “the staff and I can only think of so many ideas for erotic novels and stories.” Chasing Tail Publishing hopes to be able to publish at least one novel each year with the help of the RIT Students and the Distorter staff. If you have an idea for the writers at Chasing Tail Publishing, call (585) 672-4840  with your name, phone number and RIT email.