RIT boasts hundreds of student organizations and clubs. While Student Government and clubs like SEAL are popular among students, there are some that aren’t as well-known and are in need of more members. See if anything strikes your fancy and stop on by to one of these organizations this week.

Men’s Relationship Advice Council

Weekly discussion of the best methods of procurin’ and securin’ the ladies. Start with lessons on how to talk to girls over Xbox Live and eventually work your way up to a real-life interactions. (Disclaimer: Only three members have actually spoken to females in person over the past year. Their advice is not reflective of the student body as a whole but sure is hilarious to make fun of.)

Cooking Club: Actual Food*

Want to learn how to make actual food? Congratulations, you’re one of the 10 students who actually have the time and money to buy, prepare and eat a legitimate meal. Join Cooking Club as members struggle to cook pasta without it boiling over before turning to the ever-reliable Top Ramen.

Boring Pets Association

For all those people who don’t have the energy to care for a cat or dog but somehow thought that settling for a boring pet would be okay. (It’s not okay.) But you’re stuck with them now, so gather up your lizards, ferrets and turtles and join in the fun of watching them eat, sleep and move, because that’s all they ever do! So much fun!

Procrastinators’ Society

Because that’s all extra-curricular activities are, anyway — time-suckers that make you forget about that essay due at 11:59 p.m. until it’s just too late. Yes, I’m looking at you, Cooking Club. All that time wasted on perfecting a triple-cheese lasagna just to get a 67 percent on my Calculus exam because I had no time to study. Thanks a lot. *eye roll*

Liberal Arts Group

Students in the College of Liberal Arts ... why did they come to RIT? Are they as nerdy as everyone else? They are a mystery to any STEM major here but we do know that they congregate bi-weekly in that cool glass classroom in the COLA basement to talk about writing and reading and stuff.

*Cooking Club is sponsored by Grace Watson Dining Hall. Serving "actual food" since 1968.