Hey there (plural noun), it's me, your (noun).

It's been (number) months since we’ve moved in. I understand you lived here first since (year), and you probably didn’t take kindly to us moving in. But the rent was (adjective) and with the housing market as is, well, we had to move in somewhere!

We appreciate you bearing with us, and it’s been really (adjective) honestly. Unfortunately, my (noun) has been really (adjective) about it. It doesn’t help that you filled the toilet with (liquid) while my (noun) was (verb ending with -ing) the other night. Or the time you (past tense verb) out the (noun) in the (room in house). It was funny at the time, but then you kind of kept doing it, so the comedic value really plummeted.

We tried to give you (plural nouns), but you kept (verb ending with -ing) them down the stairs. Those were perfectly good (plural nouns)! They were my (relative)’s too. Kind of (adjective) of you to do that, I’m not going to lie.

But I get it, you’re mad at us for (verb ending with -ing) in your (room in house). It’s not a (adjective) thing to do to a (noun), but your tantrums aren’t good either!

Anyway, please stop your (plural noun). We can’t afford to replace the (noun) in the (room in house) again. Our college student funds can only take so much.




Please stop (verb ending with -ing) over me when I’m sleeping. It’s kind of (adjective).