Clean Space, Clear Mind

Photo by Natalie Whitton
Photo by Natalie Whitton

Moving onto campus for the first time is a big milestone. For some, you’ll be learning to share common space with complete strangers. For others, having to share with your siblings has prepared you for splitting a room with one, two or even three other people.

Your dorm room should be as close to a sanctuary as it can get. This is the place you should be able to go and relax, have a friend or two over or be studious. Sometimes, though, there’s more stress associated with keeping your personal space up to standards. But relax — it’s your space for a reason.

While the Association of Psychological Science will argue messy rooms aren't all that bad, their studies have proven a clean room has long-term benefits.

Not sure where to begin when it comes to keeping up with your space? No problem! Let me tell you the basics.

Now, these might not work for every person. I know it took me a while to figure out how to keep everything in order. But give these a shot! You’ve got four or five years to adjust your own sense of organization.

During my senior year, there were still times I would go back home, but for the opposite reason — my room had become too relaxed and comfy and I needed a place to focus. But you should never feel out of sorts in your dorm room.