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The 2014 Imagine RIT Innovation Festival showcased what the creative students of the Rochester Institute of Technology can bring together in order to make an impact in the world’s lives. One student project that showed both innovation and creativity was the Particle Filter, located at the Kate Gleason College of Engineering. The Particle Filter is a low-cost bucket that has a stainless-steel filter to remove any small particles. They also have a partner who has a UV light that is powered by a bike to kill most, if not all, the bacteria in the water. This unique product revolutionizes how water is used in third world countries, including those in Africa. Although there are other methods used, these methods are often very costly and not portable. About 3.4 million adults and kids die each year from preventable diseases obtained from drinking contaminated water. Africa has polluted, raw water that is not safe to drink without a type of cleaning. The work of these RIT students is amazing as to how they came up with a simple, low-cost and portable water cleaner that could make a positive impact in the world. Many lives would be saved with this particle filter.
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