Editor's Note: Finesse

Folks tell me I get too excited about





They’d rather a temperament more temperate.

There’s nothing memorable about a being

So balmy.

Gusts knock us off our feet, so should gesture

With gusto.

There’s no thrill in a game played on easy, and

I don't want to be a weepy wanderer. I want to enjoy, really


Every step of my journey. For as long as I can,

I want the mundane to excite me. And

If my enthusiasm is mistaken for a childlike intensity, know that

I meant for it to be so.

Because if it were not for playful professionalism,

I'd never have been the first of my family to land Boardwalk.

From this coast to that; The same peers stroll new piers. 

I'm not here just to pass Go and collect what's "due" to me.

I'm here to live by my laughter andTake things only as seriously as I'd like.