COS Senator Runs Unopposed

As COS Senator, Drake’s responsibilities include acting as a liaison between Students, Administration, and Student Government and pushing for additional and improved curricula. Presently, Drake’s goals center around the creation of a new Neuro-science program.

“I’ve been working with Dean [Ian] Gatley [of COS] and the college of Liberal Arts to establish a neuro-science track,” she said, noting that it would not be an easy collaboration. According to Drake, the two colleges have tried unsuccessfully, in the past, to create a joint-venture program. “The colleges, at first, weren’t even willing to work together,” she commented. She believes, however, that the initial problems have been solved and the colleges are now willing to begin work on the program.

Additionally, Drake is currently working on the implementation of an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course, which could be completed within a single quarter. Students looking to become an EMT at present must take the semester-long course at Monroe Community College. Drake expects an RIT EMT program to be underway in the near future.