Distorter Editor's note

When in timestamps, do not keep platypi. Francophiles fuck fucking porcupines. Hatred flowed apology trump bitching, again. Velociraptors killing haters all expect unicorns. But nevertheless, chicken nuggets saved me. Fearful, travelling about 200 mph, thoughts awry gyrate haphazardly through Jell-O.

Tonight, ghosts touch me softly, quietly fucking memes. Snapchats eternally, relentlessly. Casually, Finland yelled at dolphins: "Don't hip-hop around," unless you got funk flamingos. By singing praises, "To the Sentinel, to the BRICKWALL" while sweat drips down in a bowl of chips, all the writers refuse to write.

"Will there be pizza at the church of scientology?" Tom Cruise Bellows as he climbs Mount Kilamajaro, while MANDI MOON flies a fighter jet to the moon.

Meanwhile, the pumpkins were patching some code. It was dank … AND radical … at the SAME time, yo momma so hungry, and that's terrible. I like to make yo momma jokes tacos and I like to eat tacos.