AYL: February Crossword

illustration by Emma McCarthy


1-Across: Hit single by Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion

4-Across: Television channel with shows such as "Grey's Anatomy" and "Dancing With The Stars"

7-Across: "Here It Goes Again" rock band

11-Across: Second letter of the Greek alphabet

12-Across: Renting a single room rather than a whole apartment, abbr.

13-Across: Rope used as a lasso

15-Across: "Sail the seven..."

16-Across: Japanese carp

17-Across: Conditional statement in coding

18-Across: Feeling of anxiety often portrayed in teenagers

20-Across: Across the span of an entire country

22-Across: Sexual pretending abbr.

24-Across: Villain in "The Lion King"

25-Across: Polymer extracted from seaweed

29-Across: Kugimiya, Japanese anime voice actress with over 300 credited roles

30-Across: A medical condition that develops while in the hospital, abbr.

33-Across: The gender identity of Sam Smith and Demi Lovato

35-Across: 1999 film "She's ___ That"

36-Across: Most prestigious title for video games, abbr.

37-Across: Spanish sun or abbr. of one of RIT's dorms

38-Across: Tower used to store grains

39-Across: Letter after R

40-Across: French bathroom

43-Across: Female Skywalker from "Star Wars" franchise

44-Across: A French soul

46-Across: Scarface's drug of choice

47-Across: Your body after a workout

49-Across: A child's favorite question to ask

50-Across: Oboe e.g.

54-Across: Academy Award

58-Across: Legal terminology for overdue money

59-Across: Homosexual

62-Across: Lightweight

63-Across: Female sexual organ

64-Across: "___ you gonna eat that?"

65-Across: Not doing anything

66-Across: Actor Baskin who played Mr. Ditkovich in "Spider-Man 2" and "Spider-Man 3"

67-Across: Tear

68-Across: Lion zodiac


1-Down: Believe

2-Down: What would be on a new article of clothing

3-Down: Someone walking

4-Down: Ponder

5-Down: Male friend

6-Down: Circular money

7-Down: Chocolate sandwich cookie

8-Down: Furnace used for pottery

9-Down: Korean pottery or Spanish tape

10-Down: Scam vacation website that shutdown during the COVID-19 pandemic

11-Down: Men's youth org.

13-Down: Lithuanian money

14-Down: Burning

19-Down: One of the main characters of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Deanna

21-Down: Fake nails material

23-Down: Popular video game console's online service, abbr.

25-Down: The red emotion in Pixar's "Inside Out"

26-Down: Hostile waterfowl

27-Down: Restless and impatient

28-Down: Right on most maps

30-Down: Country that shares an island with the Dominican Republic

31-Down: Wrench with a hexagonal head

32-Down: End

34-Down: Young kangaroo in the "Winnie the Pooh" franchise

38-Down: Rigid canvas used to augment power on a boat

41-Down: Short

42-Down: Man-made canyon noise

44-Down: City on the Nile River

45-Down: Mad scientist in Blizzard video game "Overwatch", or Catherine O'Hara's character on "Schitt's Creek"

48-Down: "Baby Driver" director Wright

50-Down: Shake hand

51-Down: Sex involving the mouth

52-Down: Multi-person sex party

53-Down: Plan implemented by colleges and businesses to ensure everyone is treated as equals, abbr.

55-Down: Combining form to mean killing

56-Down: 2021 Netflix animated film "____ the Alligator Boy"

57-Down: Popular bread choice

60-Down: "Midsommar" and "Hereditary" director Aster

61-Down: Informal agreement